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Frustrated Grandma seeks no strings sex

Located in: Altringham , Cheshire - Submitted on July 25, 2017 Tagged myself in: , ,



Slim and very sexy grandma looking hot in stockings

Hi there I’m Lyndsy, a fun loving confident woman from Cheshire, I’ll tell you which town once I get to know you better, Like most women I love sex, but I will never openly admit a girl has to have some secrets, I like a good laugh nice food and good company, I have been married for many years and love my husband dearly but, lately he has become impotent and cannot rise to any occasion which is making me feel frustrated, I told a close friend and she told me not to worry as she new of a way I could satisfy my sexual desires with out my hubby ever knowing, that’s when she introduced me to Cougar Shagging, I must admit I was a bit taken back when I first had a look, I soon became intrigued and wanted to know more, she could see how nervous I was so took over the keyboard and started to search for a suitable guy.

An hour later she said that’s it, I have set us up with a couple of guy’s in their thirties who should be a good laugh, I was shocked but excited at the same time, any way the night came for our blind date although we had seen pictures of our potential partners, we arrived in the bar, the guy’s where both there but they did not know each other, we walked up to our respective dates and said hello, my friend grabbed a table and we all sat down to get to know one another, I was so excited my date was quite a dish and I could not help myself flirting with him, and I could see my friend fancied her date to, any way to cut a long evening short and get to the chase we all ended up back at my friends flat where I had the most amazing night of rampant sex, now if are looking for sexy mature ladies to have some fun with why not have a look through Cougar Shagging and maybe we can hook up for an evening for casual sex.

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