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I want my man to be a man and take total control of me sexually

Submissive East Midlands cougar is looking for sex

Located in: East Midlands

Not sure really? Never done this but fantasise about being dominated and spanked. Either I’m going to love it or hate it but would love to find out. My name is Adele and I live in Nottingham, I am a fun girl who can be a little sarcastic some times a real bitch if you […]

I like being dominated, and held down while having sex, I love being tied up

Norwich Woman Love Being Held Down While Having Sex

Located in: Norfolk

Hi I’m Deb I’m 4ft 11″ in height and a size 8-10, I’m very petite in size, it makes it easier for my husband to dominate me, and I love it, I’m slim with long hair, I love putting on my thigh high boots and short dress for my husband, and for you if you […]

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